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Shenzhen Huadi Chuangxian Technology Co. , Ltd. , specializing in the production and development of liquid crystal display, products include monochrome TN, Stn, FSTN, LCM, COG, COB, LCD, TFT, PMOLED, AMOLED and display module, SCM driver board, ARM series platform software development, and product application development design, with more than years of design experience, we have excellent cost-effective and competitive products to provide services, products used in communications equipment (mobile phone, business phone) consumer electronics (MP3, video game console) Automotive Electronics (GPS, travel recorder) education electronic (learning machine, PDA) tax control equipment (oiler/cash register) instrument, hand-held equipment, industrial control/electrical equipment, aerospace, military, smart wear, watches, wristbands, e-cigarettes, smart home, finance, health, finance u shield (UK) medical equipment (oximeter, blood pressure meter, suction machine) sports cameras, many fields and its industry other products.
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Our products are widely used in communication equipment (mobile phones, business phones), consumer electronics (MP3, electronic game consoles), automotive electronics (GPS, driving recorders), educational electronics (learning machines, PDAs), tax control equipment (fuel dispensers/cash registers) ) Instruments, handheld devices, etc...
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